Rita Hazan is a genius when it comes to hair coloring. What makes her a genius? She creates worldwide hair trends by enhancing her client’s spark & adding a splash of color to their look. We could really go on and on about this unique super talent, but we believe this portfolio of HUGE A-listers speaks for itself. Beyonce Follow Beyonce on Instagram: @beyonce JLo Follow Jennifer Lopez on Instagram: @jlo Michelle Williams Michelle Williams isn’t on Instagram Madonna Follow Madonna on Instagram: @madonna Jessica Simpson Follow Jessica on Instagram: @jessicasimpson Taylor Swift Follow Taylor on Instagram: @taylorswift Katy Perry Follow Katy on Instagram: @katyperry Bette Midler   Follow Bette on Instagram: @Bettemidler Chrissy Teigen Follow Chrissy on Instagram: @chrissyteigen Carmen Electra Follow Carmen on Instagram: @carmenelectra RITA HAZAN She’s BFF with Jessica Simpson, she created the POP COLOR trend with Katy Perry & she is responsible for queen Bee’s perfect hair color. Rita also recently launched her…Continue Reading
When you think about the best people Hollywood can offer, Kate Hudson is on that list. She is a fun, loving, always-smiling, beautiful actress & business women. We decided to find out which professionals she trusts with her face, hair, body and overall looks because an incredible spirit like this is not something one is simply born with. As a bonus, we found out that two of her most recommended independent professionals are actually the reason she created an Instagram account in the begin with. SUPER TALENT: ATTACHING THE PERFECT FABRIC, COLOR & SHAPE TO YOUR BODY Sophie Lopez As Kate’s friend & fashion stylist, Sophie brings out Kate’s extremely beautiful personalty with outfits we find hard to forget. Follow Sophie on Instagram: @sophielopez SUPER TALENT: FLEXING & STRENGTHENING BODIES AND SOULS Nicole Stuart As an actress & Private Pilates Trainer, Nicole does 1-on-1 sessions with her celebrity friends, bringing out their body strength, posture and flexibility. Kate…Continue Reading
His super-talent is making the A-Listers hair fresh & perfect in order to bring out their spark and beauty. He meets some of the most known names in the world and one of his BFFs is non other than Jennifer Aniston. Please, meet, Mr Chris Mcmillan and his A-list of recommenders: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux We’re talking about one of the biggest hair trendsetters in the world and this is the person she trusts most with it. If that’s not THE BEST recommender for a super-talented hair master, we don’t know what is.       Jennifer Aniston isn’t on Instagram. Taylor Swift   Follow Taylor on Instagram: @taylorswift Kate Hudson Follow Kate on Instagram: @katehudson Julianne Moore Julianne isn’t on Instagram. Arianna Huffington Follow Arianna on Instagram: @ariannahuff Julianna Margulies Julianna isn’t on Instagram. Jane Krakowski Jane isn’t on Instagram. Kim Kardashian Follow Kim on Instagram: @kimkardashian Paris Hilton Follow Paris on…Continue Reading
Kim K is surrounded by Glam teams. Some are her close friends, and some are there for her whenever and wherever she needs them to be. Each super-talented individual around Kim brings out another side of her, by mixing her professional abilities with magic. Meet Kim’s talented professionals: SUPER TALENT: MAKING OTHERS BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, GLAMOROUS   Jen Atkin Jen is a super-talented hair professional. She travels with Kim to make sure her face-frame always looks great and gives the best possible look. If you want to follow the most current hair trends, Jen is also the Founder of http://maneaddicts.com/.  This will always keep you in the know of everything hair. Follow Jen on Instagram: @Jenatkinhair Gregory Russell Gregory is the go-to person when it comes to making drastic changes to your hair. Whether its long to short or short to long he creates magic with his hands (& scissors). Giving him the power…Continue Reading
As Israel’s most famous supermodel, Bar became extra close with her team of super-talented professionals. Bar’s team not only brings out the superpower in her, they managed to collectively make her more approachable, brighter & simply happy. Here’s the gist on those who enhance the natural beauty of Bar Refaeli: SUPER TALENT: MAKING OTHERS STRONG, FIT & HOT Tomer Tenzer Tomer Tenzer is a TRX PERSONAL TRAINER based in Tel Aviv. His super talent became more and more visible as his “diamond” (his nickname for Bar) became more and more fit over the past 2 years of working together. Thanks to Tomer, Bar got her own six-pack in hard work and sweat (Yes, even supermodels need to break a sweat to keep their bodies in shape.) Tomer & Bar take great photos before, during & after their workouts, and are reported to hang out at coffee shops after they sweat…Continue Reading
This super talented professional is the master hand behind many “A” listers. His superpower is to bring out the top coat of each & every look while keeping fresh paws for all his clients, using various nail products by L’OREAL. Amongst his top clients you can find: Zooey Deschanel   Karlie Kloss Eva Longoria   Kim Kardashian   Anne Hathaway   Julianne Moore   Heidi Klum Bella Thorne and the queen of Tom Bachik’s A list clients: J Lo Just so you’ll recognize the MANI King himself… Meet: Tom Bachik.  (and if you get to book an appointment with him- book one for us as well!!) Follow the nail artist for some glam looks, @tombachik on Instagram.