This week's featured professional is Liron Erel, the independent Destination Wedding Photographer behind...
Building a Human based Marketplace many times brings UBER into the conversation. “Everything today becomes Uberized, and what you’re building will uberize the lives of independent professionals and clients as Uber changed the world of drivers and riders.”. Is it true? We decided to explore the uberized world and what it actually means to us.   “The more things change, the more they stay the same” thanks to technology It feels like things change rapidly today: we couldn’t sublet a stranger’s apt before, couldn’t get a taxi with the click of a button or connect with multiple groups of friends in one live message from across the sea. Yet there are no flying cars, religions are still around and politicians are still…human. So Things are pretty much the same, really. The perspective with which we choose to see the world is the core, and these days- everyone’s talking about the…Continue Reading
Leith Clark This talented stylist is a pro because she doesn’t aim to please the crowd, but her clients. She takes what she feels is right and finds the perfect outfit for any occasion. Clark clearly has a good eye because she has worked with one of her star clients, Keira Knightley since 2007, as well as her long time friends Alexa Chung and Kirsten Dunst. Keira Knightley Keira Knightley does not have an Instagram account. Alexa Chung Follow Alexa: @chungalexa Kirsten Dunst Kirsten doesn’t have an official Instagram account. Leith Clark Clark is also the editor-in-chief of Violet magazine; Bringing together established fashion and creative communities from all over the world. Female photographers, editors, stylists, writers, and artists are welcomed to take part in this unique magazine. Leith Clark may not be looking for best dressed status, but she has a style that keeps her clients coming back for more. Look for more…Continue Reading
Meet Alexi Lubomirski, the incredible English photographer sought out by some of the highest ranked fashion publications. Lubomirski began to study as a social commentary and then shifted to narrative based, fashion photography when he attended University of Brighton. From then on his career took off and his name has become a well respected one among the fashion industry. He has done work with Harper’s Bazaar US & UK, German & Russian & Spanish Vogue, and GQ. Not to mention all the celebrities he has shot covers for.. Take a look for yourself!   Lupita Nyong’o   Follow Lupita: @lupitanyongo   Gwyneth Paltrow       Follow Gwyneth: @gwynethpaltrow   Jourdan Dunn Follow Jourdan: @officialjdunn Jennifer Hudson Follow Jennifer: @iamjhud   Alexi Alexi has taken very impressive photo shoots with impressive people. Check out his website and follow him on instagram, @alexilubomirskiphoto, for work to admire and take notes from.   —   Follow…Continue Reading
This post is dedicated to those individuals who have helped the Kardashians and Jenner sisters stay glam while constantly being in the spotlight. Although we have already told you about a few of their favorite professionals in Kim’s post, we want to highlight the others who have kept up with the family from the beginning. Kylie Jenner Kylie is only 18 years old but since her career started so early as a child, she too has professionals of her own working for her. Jeff Andrews– Kylie’s interior designer helped decorate her new place in Calabasas, California. He aims to create a sophisticated, livable interior for celebrities and families. He has also been the designer for Kylie’s momager, Kris Jenner. Look at this beautiful master bathroom! Follow Jeff for some great home improvement ideas: @jeffandrewsdsgn and Kris: @krisjenner Ariel Tejada– One of Kylie’s makeup artists that she recommends, well known for the flawless looks he gives. He without…Continue Reading
This fierce celebrity manicurist Mar y Soul is the only one you’ll want doing your nails after you see her amazing work. She started by running a chain of salons catered to celebrities. Once growing her client base through her energetic personality and artistic skills, she was on the map from Miami to the New York City. Mar was then working on every A-list set. She has experienced exclusive fashion week shows, over 300 fashion editorials in Harper’s Bazarre, Vogue, Elle, CR Fashion Book, and became the first nail artist to sign a contract with Covergirl. She has also caught the eyes of Victoria’s Secret, Luis Vuitton, and Ferragamo. Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Lorde, Gisele Bundchen, Lupita Nyong’o and Oprah are just some of the A-listers that refer to her as their personal manicurist. Mar y Soul is a great example of an independent professional who went after her dream and made it. See some of her amazing work:…Continue Reading
From age 14, Karlie Kloss has been one of the most well known supermodels in the industry. She has a fun, quirky personality and is fierce on and off the runway. We wanted to see the professionals she trusts most to keep up with her busy lifestyle whether it is at a catwalk or friend, Taylor Swift’s concert.   SUPER TALENT: KEEPING SKIN AS SMOOTH AS A BABY’S BOTTOM     Joanna Vargas She is a facialist for celebrities as well as a owning an infamous spa in New York, Joanna Vargas Skin Care. Some of the A-listers swear by her serums and facials. Her products can be a little bit pricey, but if you want the beautiful skin of model, you got to do what is necessary.     Follow Joanna on Instagram: @jvskincare   SUPER TALENT: FITTING THE PERFECT OUTFIT FOR ANY OCCASION   Michael Angel Known for his artistic abilities,…Continue Reading
Becoming your own business takes guts and courage. You need to make a plan to support your dream and find a way to market your business to a wider audience. Do you have time to become a marketing expert? No. We know that your focus points are reaching your clients and maintaining the higher quality of services. Marketing naturally is too time consuming to keep up with on a daily basis with all other tasks of running a business. Instagram is a great way to show the world how passionate you are about what you do in 1-5 minutes a day. It is no longer just a platform to put cute pictures of your cat. It is now a tactic used in the business world. Each profile is strategically laid out to attract a certain audience and look a certain way. The page should reflect the same style that you or your company strive…Continue Reading
The rich and famous don’t always wake up flawless. Whether it’s a red carpet event or an editorial piece, everyone needs assistance with their makeup, wardrobe & the real money maker, hair. The magician behind many of these perfectly styled hair-dos is Jennifer Yepez. She started at age 18 in the industry and after the first few fashion shoots she assisted on, she knew immediately she wasn’t just going to work in any salon. She clearly has a gift when looking at some of the people she has worked on including Gigi Hadid, Daria Strokous, Jourdan Dunn & Joan Smalls. These stunning ladies are the best recommenders one could have, just look at their hair! Joan Smalls Follow Joan Smalls: @joansmalls Daria Strokous Follow Daria on Instagram: @dariastrokous Jourdan Dunn Follow Jourdan on Instagram: @officialjdunn Gigi Hadid Lastly, one of my favorites on the list, Gigi Hadid. She has recently made a huge…Continue Reading