By Dannie Hetz / Published August 23

We’ve been quiet for a while, working on the product and refining the UX. As a team, we reach the highest transparency levels, and it’s time we bring that quality out again.

Product updates will be shared whenever we have them from now on. We will share the process of it with you, to allow a full view of how things work (or doesn’t work) for us.

If you can learn from it, we have the best reason to do it.

We will also share cool stuff we find on the way, the awesome pros we meet and the ones who are the SUPERR MEMBERS of our app.

If at any point you have questions, please send them our way. We would love to answer your curiosity. 🙂

Ready? Let’s do this.


Product Update

It took six months, and we’re happy to announce that the app core rebranding is now completed.

Why did we take six months to re-do everything we’ve built? Simple. We found out that we did it wrong the first time. And by “wrong” I mean we had zero UX attached to that pretty little UI.

Some of you may ask what’s the difference and why it is so crucial to get it right before moving on.

I can tell you that i had no idea it’ll take as long as it did, that there were team meetings where my team grilled me for that decision and that only a week ago i could prove for the first time that it was the right and the only decision i could have made 6 months ago.


Let me explain.

We had a working app. Technically, it worked. You could book a service, add your business and pay for it. The screens looked good. What you couldn’t do, is understand how to do all of that without talking to one of our team members.

If you get a <insert any product out there> and have no idea how to use it, it creates a frustrating experience. And frustration isn’t a #1 seller.

Some apps will create a long onboarding, an explanation screen or refer you to a representative to solve this issue. We chose to build it again, with an experience you can actually understand all on your own. An unforgettably good experience.

Making simple things is so complicated. But when they work, you get people who enjoy using your product, and are coming back again and again.

The proof?

Since we started making the UX change, the number of booked appointments on Superr spiked in 169%.

I keep receiving private messages of people who share their appreciation to the easy onboarding and the admin activity speaks loud and clear.


Now, we can move on to building new features. Our pros shared with us what will make their lives better with Superr, and the most common request was a web solution.

We’re on it.

The next update of Superr will include a web solution, so our pros will be able to add a Superr widget to their business websites, where their clients can book them without downloading the app.