By Dannie Hetz  / Published April 12, 2018

4 Key Questions to Consider When Creating Your Brand

As an independent professional spearheading your own business, you are the brand. This means that you don’t have the option of staying behind-the-scenes – instead, you need to ensure your business accurately represents your brand and that you keep your messaging true to you, in everything from design to copy and beyond. So, just how does that all work? What questions should you be asking yourself? And perhaps the biggest question of all – how does branding play into all of this and your vision for growth?

Conveying your story to potential clients should go beyond standard advertising – it’s all about the storytelling and design elements that help create a complete and impactful story of what you do and why you do it. The purpose of brand storytelling is to find and maintain an emotional connection for your potential clients, to help you stand out from the crowd, and build ongoing engagement with existing and potential customers.

Great infographic on Brand Storytelling, by TechWorldClass

Liron Erel, one of Superr’s busiest photographers, has been shooting professionally for 12 years now. Nine years ago, while working primarily at Israeli weddings, he made the decision to become a destination wedding photographer, allowing him to capture new clientele across the globe, as well as indulge his own wanderlust. Starting out, his brand was simply Liron Erel Photography – but fast-forward eight years later, and Liron has blossomed into a globe-trotting pro who travels the world to capture the most unique and inspiring weddings. Having updated his personal branding to reflect his new vision, Liron relaunched his brand as Echoes & Wild Hearts. The new branding also allowed Liron to convey a memorable, inspirational name evoking emotions, which would probably make the brand more memorable and personal than just another name in a long list of names.

Liron Erel Web

Liron’s journey as an independent professional is an example of how you can evolve and continue to grow an existing brand, as well as give your brand a new lease on life.

At Superr, we constantly evolve, including branding changes when and where they’re called for. Recently we started with a fresh new initiative, to spruce up our logo, website and app.


Superr App Image - Old


Superr App - NewThrough our own journey, we learned a lot, and came to realize that we encountered four major questions on our quest to help focus and better define our brand. We want to share these big questions with you, because just like you – we are also in the process of establishing our own self-made business.

To better pinpoint and refine your brand identity, start by asking yourself the following four questions:

1.) Who are you?

Sounds easy, right? Well, not exactly. When answering this question, you need to look deep within yourself and reflect on your profession, your specific expertise and skill-set, what sets you apart from most others in your field, what your strengths are, and more importantly – what are your weaknesses?

When we thought about this as a team, for example, one of the things that separated Superr from any other startup we know out there, is that our founder is a creative at heart, and that alone takes our brand to a different place than if our founder was a numbers person or a software engineer.

2. ) What do you believe in?

Each of us have our own unique belief system and values we hold dear. Do you believe in working 24/7 or in balancing your life with some fun and downtime? We are not here to judge – it’s your business (literally), and whatever beliefs you have, they should be reflected through your brand.

At Superr, we believe in superheroes. We believe that our pros have abilities and skills we only wish we had. We believe that nothing can replace positive human interaction, that honesty always wins in the long run, and that music makes our days better. All of these points are factored into our branding, because we took the time to think through what we believe in, and made sure our brand will speak the same story.

3.) What’s your style?

Are you old-fashioned? Are you more of a minimalist? Into pop, or maybe eavy metal? Simple and clean, or over-the-top with confetti? Are you a Mac or a PC?

Our style is contemporary and minimalist. We like bright colors, but we also dig starker “black on black” designs. We strive to keep things as simple as possible. In Liron’s case, there is a common thread that he weaves through his photography, while still playing up the unique character of those he is photographing: you’ll notice a consistent focus on intimate, powerful images, emphasizing the offbeat character of the couples he shoots. In short – you want to make sure that your visual style and design speak loud and clear to what you are offering your clientele, and that you maintain a sense of consistency.

4.) What’s your dream?

Now this one is key. It is your future vision of yourself and your business. Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see your business going?

Remember Liron? He knew he wanted to be a photographer that travels the globe to capture the strongest, most touching moments of human love. That’s a very specific dream, and step by step, he made his way towards turning it into a reality.

For us, the long-term dream is to be the home of the super-talented, across a long list of professions, empowering the best in the business to be their best. Our short-term dream is to introduce the world to the gift of easy scheduling, as a way to grow and maintain business for our pros. Have you seen our logo? It speaks to that. And your own logo and branding should speak to your dream as well.


Superr logo - old


Superr Logo - New

Once you have your initial branding ideas in place, the fun part of building your business brand begins. But always keep in mind that your brand is an ongoing, ever-evolving work-in-progress, and whenever you feel the need to update or change it – you should!

Got questions? Ask us anything!

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