We live in an age of convenience – everything’s made to be quicker, shorter, simpler – and it’s all just one click away. Even if you didn’t think something was an inconvenience, someone has still thought of a way to make it even easier.

But what about the things that truly need attention, like running your business more efficiently? Creating improvements that help you manage and grow your business with less effort and take away the operational headaches that you don’t want to deal with? Improvements that allow you more time to spend on clients and perfecting your craft?

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Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. It already exists, and it lives in your phone, right there in the palm of your hand. It’s called The Superr App.

Superr was developed for independent service professionals. People who have built their reputation and business from the ground up, on their own, because they’re really freaking good at what they do. We’re talking about photographers, personal trainers, private chefs, hair stylists, makeup artists, and the like. The people we all rely on in life – the ones who make us look, eat, and feel better, constantly pushing us to be our best selves.

We know firsthand that managing your own business isn’t easy. You’ve got so much on your plate, between marketing yourself, scheduling and juggling your appointments, managing payments and so on. It’s time to take a little bit of the load off. It’s time to join Superr.

Here’s what you get when you join Superr:

1. A Professional, Sleek Business Page

A clean and simple place to display all your business information and list your service offerings and rates.

2. Fast, Secure Payments

Security in knowing you will get paid – on time. No more invoicing, no more chasing clients after a photoshoot or event, or having to send endless reminders. All transactions are handled through the app at the time of booking and held in escrow until the service is complete. Funds are then released to your bank account in 24-48 hours after the service takes place.

3. Happier Clients

Your clients now have a secure place to quickly schedule, book and pay you in a few easy steps.

4. Increased Visibility

Superr provides another means for you to be discovered by new clients. You will be added to our search listings of top professionals in your city, which allows new clients to organically come across your business and skills.

5. Growth Opportunities

Promo codes, an inbox system and added-value features so you can continue growing your business and clientele.

Oh, did we mention that it’s totally free?

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There are no downloads, subscriptions or membership payments that you need to worry about. Superr is transaction fee based. Our fee of 10% is the lowest on the market today. This fee is applied only to new client who discover you via Superr. It provides us the means to keep building the best platform for your needs. The fee will be waived for any of your existing clients that you’ve invited to Superr.

Wait, there’s even more!

We also offer ongoing promotion of your business, such as a personal interview on our blog that includes a free, professional photoshoot. This is yet another way for you to gain visibility and for potential clients to learn who you are and how you’ve gotten to where you are in your career.

The stage is yours, so take this opportunity to shine!

Download Superr – iOS / Android