NYC’s Most Talented Professionals Gather for Superr’s First-Ever Community Event

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Superr Event 2017

Superr professionals celebrating their talent and what the future holds

On a freezing December night in New York City’s East Village, Superr kicked off its first-ever official event, celebrating some of the earliest members to join the platform as service providers. So, what happens when you gather a DJ, two fitness instructors, a stylist, two photographers, a calligraphy whiz, a private chef, and a giftologist at a cozy Italian restaurant? Sounds like the start of a clever joke, or a starter list for planning your own event, we know – but what transpired was pure magic, and enough to melt even the most freezing of winter temperatures.

As everyone around the table introduced themselves and shared what they do, what drives them to do it and how they conquer the multitude of challenges in creating and growing their own business, it became crystal clear just what had pulled us all around Superr and everything it offers – ease, creativity, a can-do scrappiness, more control over our own time (and hence more time to pour back into our business initiatives), and of course, a never-ending pipeline of new clients and better ways to reach them. Unlike any other networking event I’d attended previously while wearing many hats, nothing around this table felt forced or artificial, and there was barely a moment of awkward silence – everyone seemed to be overflowing with ideas, and a palpable excitement was felt through the air.

Setareh, who heads up Community & Growth at Superr, served as our fearless troop leader, walking us through what Superr has achieved in the past year, as well as where it plans to go (oh-so-many exciting places!) and how we could be involved in creating an improved platform as well. Among the many great initiatives and next steps discussed, was the introduction of an Ambassadors Program to give back to the pros and allow for a effective feedback on new platform and community developments, as well as provide unique incentives for the leading pros on the platform, and a slew of better ways to create and leverage partnerships between different service providers within the app itself.

We had plenty of time to discuss new product requests and were psyched to hear that many of the things we’d been thinking about are already being addressed and worked on, such as the ability to add package-specific pricing tiers for services that fall outside the normal scope, the ability to more easily create recurring appointments, improved in-app communication, and of course, some extra-exciting developments we’ve been sworn to secrecy on, but had us raising our glasses to the sky.

Above anything, if this one dinner is a sign of things to come, and serves as indication of what great things can happen when talented people combine their superpowers for good, I can’t wait to see where Superr goes next – both as a service provider and as a client.

Superr Event 2017Article written by, Superr Pro and event attendee, Ealeal Ginott.

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