“Smile, you’re on camera!”

Whether you’re photophobic or a natural at smizing your way through an endless series of selfies, you know that when it comes to getting a good shot, EVERYTHING matters: from lighting to angles to the way you relax or tighten your face. And who among us hasn’t opened their Facebook notifications gripped by fear, anticipating a potentially less-than-flattering case of tagging by an over-enthusiastic but well-meaning friend?

Whether you’re on the hunt for a dreamy event photographer or the perfect headshot to help jumpstart your career, you may be stressing over finding the right person with the right skills. First of all, deep breaths! We’re here to help you find the perfect photographer, no matter what the task at hand. So come on – strike a pose!


Will Gavillan Superr Photographer

The Perfect Headshot

Brooklyn-based portrait photographer Will Gavillan has always walked the line between art and technology, and is precise when it comes to creating the perfect shot. “I make you part of the process so you get images that truly express your personality to the world,” says Gavillan. Whether you are looking for a new professional headshot or a portrait to mark a special occasion, Gavillan attends to every detail to help set the mood and tone. From his perspective, it’s all about collaboration between him and those in front of the camera, and making his subjects feel at ease. Need a social media profile revamp or an updated portrait for your portfolio? Gavillan’s got you covered, and he’ll keep snapping until you get the results you’re after – go forth and book fearlessly.


Jelena Aleksich Superr Photographer

The Confetti Queen

In addition to her photography chops, Jelena Aleksich brings a little something extra to the table, in the form of a confetti monsoon. Equally artistic and therapeutic, sessions with Aleksich will make you feel a sparkle, both inside and out. Through the Confetti Project, Aleksich profiles remarkable humans and explores what they celebrate in their lives, while being doused with dazzling confetti. The project has featured over 200 people so far, within the traditional one-on-one photo shoot format, evolving into a unique and highly personal medium for expression. Ready to unleash your inner glitter-spirits? Book a session today! A confetti-filled session would also make a great gift for that special person you know.


Spencer Reagan Superr PhotogrpaherA (Re)Touch of Magic

Spencer Reagan knows that sometimes, a good photograph goes beyond framing a compelling shot or manipulating lighting and focus. Building on years of photography experience, Reagan is also an expert retoucher, bringing a healthy dose of “va-va-voom” to any image he toys with. Having worked on movie sets and editorial shoots, Reagan maintains a successful marriage between creativity and professionalism. Skilled in photography, video production, set design, set lighting and post production, Reagan is your go-to for any professional photography and video needs.


The Triple-Threat

Brooklyn-based filmmaker, photographer and actor Christian Carroll sure has his hands full! Having directed a feature film, Carroll is hard at work on a new full-length film project, while maintaining his photography and videography work. Blending his talents for both commercial and editorial work as well as passion-driven art projects. Bringing a cinematic, soulful mood to his projects capturing people and places, Carroll’s resulting photographs are a unique preservation of moments in time. Whether you’re on the hunt for a photog for an art project or a commercial one, Christian is a sure bet.


Superr Photographer Travis KeyesSnapper to the Stars

After  long and industrious careers in film and nightlife, Travis Keyes found himself wholly immersed in a brand new world of fine photography. Traveling the globe to capture both awe-inspiring landscapes as well as powerhouse celebrities, Keyes strives to captures the extraordinary, and that which cannot be expressed in words. Having snapped stars from Kim Kardashian to Lupita N’yongo, Keyes also dedicates time to humanitarian photography projects, in addition to his portrait work, fashion and travel photography. For a professional shoot worthy of some serious star power, book Travis today!


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