Having forged his path into the world of photography after a career nightlife and entertainment, Travis Keyes brings a sharp and unique aesthetic to his shots. Discovering a new sense of happiness and fulfillment in his new venture, Travis founded his own photography and events companies, and has been focused on growing them – and his craft – ever since. We caught up with Travis to hear about the long and winding path to his new professional identity, and what it took to get there.

How long have you been working as a professional photographer?

I founded my companies, Travis W Keyes Photography and Events One 3 years ago in 2014.

What sparked your interest in photography?

Even as a child I felt the need to capture the way I see the world and share it with people. As far back as I remember I’ve had a camera in my hands. I think I have always been obsessed with images, moving and still.

What made you want to pursue it professionally?

I found photography through a series of career changes. I had already crossed over from working in film/tv into owning nightclubs/restaurants in NY and Miami. I knew I needed a change and truly found myself lost. I decided to take time off and enjoy all the things I had not been able to because all I ever did was work.. I picked up a camera and would just go out and shoot.. day after day. A light bulb had gone off and I knew this is all I ever wanted to do. I attended a one year program at ICP in NYC and four years later, I have woken up happy every day since.

Superr Photographer Travis Keyes

What’s the first camera you ever owned?

I have gone through many a camera, but the first one I ever remember owning and shooting was a Kodak Instamatic.. It took 110 film and you had to buy these disposable flash cubes.…

What’s your specialty/style as a photographer?

I truly love the whole process of photography, from choosing the right lens to finishing the photo in post. When it comes to my specialty I strive to capture in an image what can not be captured in words.. to look for that “decisive moment” To make even the ordinary, extraordinary…

What’s one of the proudest moments you’ve had in your career so far?

I get that feeling whenever I am standing on a shoot with a support crew and cast/subjects and get to say “I get paid for this!” I feel like the luckiest person to do exactly what makes me happiest.

Superr Photographer Travis keyes Superr Photographer Travis Keyes

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a photographer?

Until I found photography, I could have easily given several answers, but now it is such a part of me and who I am I really can’t see myself doing anything else.

What is one tip you’d give someone who’s just starting their career as a photography?

If you want to do it as a career and don’t feel that unexplainable, way down, deep inside “I have to do this” ….don’t, go search for what does.

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