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Being Superr means being the best you can possibly be and provide the best service to clients who appreciate great talent.

It was a random day when we discovered one of the most amazing things we’ve ever found on the Superr app: Makeup Cleanse.

We were wondering what that meant and quickly enough, we got Jennifer Dockendorf’s description of her service:

Let’s purge! Grab all of your makeup, brushes and skin care to see what stays and what needs to go. Have any makeup hmmms… like why did I buy this? or how does this one work? We will go through what is needed or not, do some hands on demo-ING, and I will create a customized list just for you! Want to go shopping? That can also be a part of the cleanse. I will come to personally help choose the best products that will work for you!”

You know what this means? Your makeup products and face will thank you as soon as you book this service.

Six more services you’ll want to book with Jennifer Dockendorf

Makeup Traditional makeup application – 60 min.

Brows Personalized brow shaping and sculpting. Trimming, tweezing, and sculpted to your perfect brow!

Brow Tinting Semi-permanent brow tinting.

Makeup Lesson A one-on-one chance to have a personalized makeup lesson. Get a custom tailored lesson where we use hands on application as well as answer any questions you may have.

Bridal If you’re getting married to the one you love, you know what this means.

Bridal Party Customized wedding makeup application, includes lashes. Group rate will be discounted.

Download Superr to Schedule Jennifer Dockendorf’s services


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