7 Top-Notch Professionals You Should Book With on Superr Today

It’s an average Monday and you’re looking for someone that you can trust to make you look better, feel better, become stronger or seriously get your wardrobe into shape and revamp your style.

We’re here to make your life easier. To make things as simple as can be, we’ve pulled together a list highlighting the seven NYC-based professionals you need to know – better yet, you can book their services ASAP.


Hair Styling: Meet Jasmine Burnside

Working her scissors at salons since she was a teenager, these days New York City hair stylist Jasmine Burnside splits her time between helming the chair at the Whittemore House Salon in the West Village, and freelancing on sets, private events and photo shoots.

Superr Inside Scoop: A master of texture, Jasmine works tirelessly to highlight the best features in her clients – whether you’re after surf-worthy beach waves or the perfect “Lob”, Jasmine is ready to help you cut a new look.

Give your hair a fresh look. Book Jasmine’s services on the Superr app today!



Makeup & Beauty: Meet Jennifer Dockendorf

With over a decade of experience under her belt, a solid network in the beauty industry, and an impressive client roster, Jennifer Dockendorf knew it was time to take the leap of faith and go full-time with her career as a professional makeup artist.

Superr MUA Jennifer Dockendorf

Superr Inside Scoop: Your face will thank you later! Book Jennifer’s services on the Superr app http://superr.io/professional/profile/jennifer.dockendorf



The Street Artist: Meet Jason Roman

New York City born and bred, street photographer Jason Roman goes out daily in pursuit of the perfect shot, capturing street scenes and fleeting moments in a uniquely raw and real manner.

As Jason’s clients, we know how professional he is, how fun it is to be around him and the sheer fabulousness of the images he captures.

Superr Inside Scoop: Your profile pic could probably use an update – and Jason is the right person for the job. Book Jason’s service on the Superr app http://superr.io/professional/profile/jason.roman


The Cinematic: Meet Tristan Pope

Tristan Pope is an Emmy-Award winning director and photographer based in New York City. Perhaps his creative cinematic fire erupted during his tenure at Blizzard Entertainment, when he was a part of the team awarded an Emmy for the South Park episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft”.

While Tristan loves cinematography and directing, he is equally driven by photography.  Visit his website for multiple examples of seeing the breathless beauty of people, strength, dance — when put on film by a photographer whose every click screams passion.

Superr Inside Scoop: Tristan is a master of zooming in on the perfect moment in time – and capturing it for eternity. Book Tristan today on the Superr app!



Personal Training & Fitness:

Boxing Champ: Meet Layla Luciano

With over 19 years of martial arts training under her (black, FYI) belt, Layla Luciano isn’t just a fitness instructor, but a full-on fighter. You want to get your ass into shape, and Layla is your person.

Superr Inside Scoop: Layla listens to her clients and knows how to make them work as hard as they possibly can to see results.

Don’t hesitate! Book a training session with Layla on the Superr app https://superr.io/professional/profile/12068


Dance Master: Meet Caitlyn Corradino

Dancing, fitness and movement are a part of Caitlyn Corradino’s DNA. From a young age she enjoyed the pure, positive energy she felt from her dance classes and it continued through adulthood as Caitlyn explored other forms of fitness. Her mission has been to bring that feeling to as many people as possible by making exercise more accessible and sustainable right here in NYC – especially for the less fortunate.

Superr Fitness Instructor Caitlyn Corradino

Superr Inside Scoop: Caitlyn’s style is truly dynamic. She always finds the perfect fit for her clients – no matter where she meets them.

Need to burn those calories? Book Caitlyn for a workout via the Superr app http://superr.io/professional/profile/caitlyn.corradino


Fashion Styling: Meet Karin Elgai

Having hopped the pond from Tel-Aviv to NYC in order to pursue her dream of working in fashion, Karin Elgai is a leading fashion stylist and set designer, drumming up magic in fashion editorials, runways and music videos across the globe.

Superr Inside Scoop: Between styling star-studded projects for Harper’s Bazaar and Marvel, Karin knows her stuff, so you’d better do as she says!

Karin is the best thing to happen to your closet and she knows it. Book Karin’s styling services on Superr http://superr.io/professional/profile/179


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