On June 2nd, actress Gal Gadot will return to the big screen as Wonder Woman in the first feature film dedicated to the warrior princess, and the original female founding member of DC Comics’ Justice League. To celebrate her phenomenal success, the Superr Team embarked on a mission to find the top talented professionals helping Gadot put together her best self for her various roles, red carpet premieres and other star-studded events.


Gal Gadot’s secrets for a better life, based on our research:

  1. Work out – a lot: Whether it’s at the gym, in the ocean, climbing a wall or kickboxing with her trainer – Gadot maintains a fit, strong and healthy life despite a hectic schedule.
  2. Always have glam teams ready to work: As an Israeli transplant who works both in the States and abroad, Gadot relies on the magical skills of talented glam teams she enjoys working with.
  3. Give shoutouts to the people you love: Gadot is surrounded by amazing friends, a loving husband and beautiful daughters – and she makes sure to show them her love and respect with the occasional heartfelt shoutout.

To get the inside scoop on those working behind the magic curtain, be sure to check out the professionals on Gadot’s list on Instagram. Enjoy following them – and Wonder Woman herself – via the links below.

Gal Gadot List


The Superr Team creates these research-based lists for inspirational purposes.

Folks like Gal Gadot (talented, beautiful, smart, fun…You know, the complete package of awesomeness) who celebrate their super-talented crew of excellent service providers across a plethora of fields are what Superr is all about.

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Links to follow

Elizabeth Stewart, Celebrity Stylist – Endorse Elizabeth’s talentElizabeth’s Instagram

Tracy Clemens, Manicurist – Endorse Tracy’s talentTracy’s Instagram

Sabrina Bedrani, MakeUp Artist – Endorse Sabrina’s talent | Sabrina’s Instagram

Jenny Cho, Hair – Endorse Jenny’s talentJenny’s Instagram

Katie Bofshever, Stylist – Endorse Katie’s talentKatie’s Instagram

Kara Yoshimoto, MakeUp Artist – Endorse Kara’s talent Kara’s Instagram

Renato Campora, Hair Stylist – Endorse Renato’s talentRenato’s Instagram

Eran Pal, Hair – Endorse Eran’s talentEran’s Instagram

Omer Asaf, Makeup – Endorse Omer’s talentOmer’s Instagram

Dudi Hasson, Photographer – Endorse Dudi’s talentDudi’s Instagram

The one and only, Gal Gadot https://www.instagram.com/gal_gadot/