The foundations of the future are in the past. Or as The Lion King put it so simply: “The circle of life.”

Do you ever think about the past of the past? As in, the very past, AKA: The beginning of time? The industrial revolution? The beginning of the modern workplace as we know it? It’s often easy for us to forget that it wasn’t always about offices, cubicles, health and wellness benefits and perks like free snacks or Friday happy hour. Our grandparents, for instance, probably focused more on staying within jobs perceived as “safe” or “reliable” rather than on finding new ways to constantly evolve not only the work they are doing, but how their work life is structured. Looking back through the prism of time, we can truly get a better understanding of how the working world has evolved, as well as be all the wiser about what that world might look like in the years to come.


In the beginning, there was no enterprise

When you think of the past (did I say “past” already?), you remember that once, everyone was an independent professional. The hunter, weapon maker, cook, carpenter and painter – all provided their services, and sometimes simply bartered services with one another.

The circle of life doesn’t apply to only one element of our existence – it is woven into every aspect of us, an integral part of evolution: birth, work, body, mind, soul, seasons, currency.

Our personal lives go in circles, as a balancing act almost, so there’s no reason why bigger outer processes should work any different.


Are You Ready to Go Back to a Life Where Everyone is Independent?

Can you imagine a world where there is no enterprise whatsoever?

Say goodbye to Verizon, Time Warner, IBM, LinkedIn, Cisco, Adobe and Microsoft – or at least to the version of them that you know today. Better yet, say goodbye to what it means to be an “employee”. That word is about to be redefined.

Ever since hearing someone say, “You either build your dream or you’re building someone else’s,” I knew the future of all of us is in building our dreams. And for that – we have technology to thank.

Technology enables us to build our dream within our everyday lives. Just to be clear, I don’t disrespect people who work in the enterprise world. They have a job to do, and they do it – that’s great! I simply see that the number of people who choose to do things this way is decreasing by the hour, and that technology provides them with a promising solution instead.

But, let’s for a minute jump back to our pretend world, consisting of only independent workers – masters of their own destiny.

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How Can We Prepare for the Future of an Ever-Evolving Workforce?

Since the change has already started percolating, in part owing to an increased global focus around issues such as diversity in the workplace, appreciating the experience industry veterans have, our increasing lifespan (we all want an intern like the one Robert De-Niro portrays in the Anne Hathaway movie), and going the independent route to build the life you want for yourself, living by your own rules – we’ve compiled four tips to help prepare you for what’s coming next. Don’t worry, it is everything you dreamed of – and more!

1. Find Your Passion

To truly be an independent for the long run, you need to really know what you’re most passionate about. All the independent professionals on Superr know why they wake up in the morning, what motivates them to keep doing what they’re doing, and what gets them going when times are rough. Knowing what you’re passionate about is the critical component and the basis for your life as an independent professional. Without that core, you can’t make the transition.

2. Know What You Want

What do you want your life to look like? Do you want to work every day for a few hours? Are you more of a seasonal type, who prefers to work for six months of the year and then travel or grow your expertise during the remainder of the year? When you’re an independent, you make the rules and structure for what your life will look like, and for how things will flow. You decide the amount of time you put into your work, the amount of time you take for yourself for vacation and self-care, and the amount of time you set aside to keep learning and excel within your field.

You should feel free to experiment with it all in order to find what works best for you. The hardest part in overcoming this newfound freedom is usually the reaction of those around you. Because so many people are essentially programmed to be a part of the 9-to-5 working world, it’s harder for some of them to see beyond those limited options. But trust me, there are always more options, always more ways to accomplish any one thing. Some professionals choose to work 12 hours a day, three or four days a week. Or five hours a day, for seven days a week. It’s very personal, and it obviously varies. Find your pace, and make sure it works for you.

3. Make Time to Learn and Excel

Once you’ve identified your passion, gained the proper foundational basics you need in order to get your work done, and figured out when you work hard and when you rest easy – you should also decide how much time you need to keep learning to become better at what you do, and when it makes sense for you to do so. Our world is a fast-changing one. New products, trends and systems come into play and in your professional field, you need to be able to keep up with in order to stay relevant. You need to constantly evolve and know more in order to be the best at what you do, and eventually get to a point where others can learn from you. Dedicate time to constant learning so you can put your new knowledge to use and keep you evolving.

4. Roll with It

As the only person who gets to decide how your business is run, what your life looks like and what is right for you throughout your growth process, your ability to roll with the punches is crucial to your success. Understanding that life sometimes has its own course and embracing the hurdles that appear along the way is key to your journey – those who overcome these hurdles are the ones who ultimately shine the brightest.


The Work of Tomorrow

Whether you want join the ranks of the independents or not, you should know that the day where the majority of workforce will be independent professionals is fast approaching. You can begin your journey today, or simply choose to support those who made the journey before it was “a thing” and show your appreciation for the best of them. If you do choose to embark on that journey today, know this: You are brave enough to become your own business, and right here and now, you also have the opportunity to be a trendsetter along the way.


Written by Superr Founder/CEO, Dannie Hetz

Edited by Superr content editor, Ealeal Ginott

Images by Superr Head of Design & UX, Noam Laist

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