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For most of his life Personal Trainer, Angelo Grinceri has been obsessed with health and fitness and how they both impact his life—from looking a certain way, to feeling a certain way. After creating and mastering his very own technique, he was determined to bring his knowledge to the masses. Angelo recently took the time to tell us a little more about himself and the pursuit of his passion in the fitness industry.

How long has fitness been a part of your life?

Growing up, I played lots of sports and was always active all through grade school. I started lifting weights and bodybuilding when I was a freshman in high school. That’s literally 16 years! Which led me to participating in my first physique competition by the age of 19.

What sparked your passion for fitness?

Honestly, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only for his bodybuilding inspiration, but because he chose to follow a dream and continually push what he thought he was capable of. He evolved from a bodybuilder, to a movie star, and to a governor. If that isn’t inspirational, I don’t know what is!

When I was younger, I was fascinated (maybe even a little obsessed) with learning and experimenting with changing how my body looks, feels, and performs with alterations in what food I was eating and how much water I was drinking. As I learned more about food and exercise from literature, mentors, and my own trial and error I realized I could help others achieve their goals too. The endless possibilities of wanting to help others improve the way they looked, felt, and performed sparked my passion for fitness.

How long have you been working in fitness professionally?

I have been working professionally as a personal trainer since I was 18 years old. I’ve been changing lives and improving my own for 11 years. I’ve certainly had my share of different training environments. I worked for corporate gyms, boutique studios, and worked independently.

Superr Personal Trainer Angelo Grinceri

What inspired you to pursue it as a career? 

My mother and the R.D. (Registered Dietitian) curriculum. From the age of 15, I was obsessed with nutrition and lifting, so I read everything creditable I could get my hands on. Within a few years, I started to have a baseline understanding of what was required to achieve “healthy” and what was not.

About 5 years later, I was half way through the R.D. program. I was acing all my tests and projects, meeting my classmates for study groups, and just finished my 2nd clinical rotation. I loved it, I was excited, and I felt like I was going to help change the world to become healthier.

When my 3rd clinical rotation was starting the focus of my studies was towards hospital patients. I was sent to a local hospital to spend time in the kitchen preparing meals for patients.

Every meal that was prepared for a patient came from a can – canned vegetables, canned fruits, canned meats (lets not forget that health starts with fresh ingredients). If they couldn’t consume food, they would be served an “Ensure” Did you ever look at the ingredient list to these types of products? The main ingredients are Water, Corn Maltodextrin, Sugar, Milk Protein Concentrate, Canola Oil, Soy Protein Isolate with a ton of preservatives and food colorings to follow.

My biggest point of concern was the way we were taught to “nourish” hospital patients with fake and processed foods. They are both loaded with additives and far from “nutritious” or “healthy”. This is when I started to doubt this path as my life focus.

As i’m explaining all of this to my mother, she says “You should just focus on working for yourself and teaching others how to be healthy through personal training” (this was before group exercise was a fitness craze). “And you can live in any city you want and always have a job!”

So, I went with it and formed my first personal training company “Flawless Fitness & Nutrition” in my hometown in New Jersey.

What is your specialty/style as a fitness teacher?

Quality over Quantity!!!

I don’t yell or scream to do basic “functional” exercises faster and faster as the clients form turns to garbage while saying cliche things like “dig deep” and “no pain, no gain”.

I believe in function first, sweat second. Meaning, when starting each session I spend time bringing them through a full body dynamic stretch series to look for asymmetries, tight areas, and joint restrictions in the body. These are all things that can lead to knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and headaches over time. After these joint restrictions are cleared and the body is warmed up then we get down to work.

Can you tell us more about Intrinsic Strength Training?

Intrinsic Strength Training is a training concept that I developed by blending Athletic training with Aesthetic training. For example, an athlete prioritizes how well his body works, so moving well in a bunch of different ways, remaining injury free, and being strong are very important to an athlete. Aesthetic training prioritizes toning muscles and metabolizing body fat to look better.

But here’s the clincher, everyone is an everyday athlete. Everyone wants to feel better and look better.

I’ve spent years figuring out how to combine these two things in an efficient manner.

Turns out my clients love it because not only do they see the results in the mirror but they feel the results outside of the gym while they are skiing, playing tennis, or running. (same goes for me as well :-))

Where do you teach currently?

I currently see the majority of my personal training clients In the comforts of their own homes, their building gym, local park, or the roof of my apartment. If neither of those options work, I have relationships with a variety of different wellness spaces throughout the city. For example, Hudson Wellness in Tribeca.

I have classes streamed online and I also teach outdoor classes on the weekends.

How do you like to recover after a tough workout?

My recovery go to’s are:

I FEAST on veggies and fatty proteins, and sometimes some fruit

(this is my favorite method obviously)

I HYDRATE – literally the most important

I COOL DOWN – A simple bike ride or walk through the city (usually to my next session)

I COLD DIP – Getting used blood to flush out of the pumped muscles and getting new blood to come in a start the repair process – This is great for fighting inflammation.

What is one tip you’d give someone who’s just starting a career in the fitness industry?

LISTEN – Listen to your CLIENT, Listen to their needs, listen to their wants. And listen to others that became successful before you.

Who are some of your favorite fitness instructors?

The people I look up to are the ones that pushed the envelope, learned as much as they could, created something bigger than themselves, and started to teach it. I find the ability to understand something with such depth with the ability to explain it simply is fascinating. Those are the ones I have respect for.

Mike Fitch (creator of Animal Flow), Al Kavadlo (Lead instructor for Progressive Calisthenics Certification), Michol Dalcourt (creator of VipR)

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