Getting into shape is no walk in the park for most people – personal trainer Nicole Beauregard knows it, because she’s lived it. Since getting into the fitness field as a professional, Nicole has worked non-stop to not only better herself, but better the lives and outlooks of her clients and followers, focused on instilling a sense of positivity and a mindful focus. We caught up with Nicole to learn more about bringing optimism into everyday living.

Superr Fitness Professional Nicole Beauregard

How long has fitness been a part of your life?

Fitness has been a part of my life since I was a young girl.  I was very active as a child – I was into cheerleading, I took part in a variety of sports like softball and gymnastics. I’d started cheerleading when I was 8-years-old, and I continued to cheer up until the varsity level in high school.

What sparked your passion for fitness?

Once I had graduated from high school I realized I had stopped being active, and I’d put on a lot of weight. Well, maybe not a LOT, but about 10-15 pounds, which is quite significant for my height and body type. I wasn’t feeling as confident and strong as I’d used to, so I got back into fitness by lifting weights with a few friends. I got a gym membership and began training with my friends, and that was really the start of it all.

How long have you been a Fitness Professional?

I’ve been a fitness professional for five years, but I feel like I’ve been doing this for so long, having trained friends and clients for about 10 years now, in and outside of the gym.

What inspired you to pursue it as a career?

I was inspired to pursue fitness and health as a career because it’s my lifestyle: this is authentically me – I love eating well, I love working out and moving my body, trying to take my body to new heights, and I love taking other women along with me. I want them to understand how strong and impactful their feminine power is, when they’re eating well, when they’re working out.

What is your specialty in fitness?

My expertise is in women’s fitness, with an emphasis on weight loss. I’m a figure competitor myself so I have a lot of experience in cutting down to a very lean body fat percentage.

Superr Fitness Professional Nicole Beauregard

What is The Fit Optimist?

I created the The Fit Optimist because I had started getting into fitness when in the background I had some issue with my family. There was a lot of drug and alcohol abuse in my family, and it had taken its toll on me. At that point, I was out of high school, not working out, partying with friends, and mainly using my family problems as an excuse for not being good to myself or stay physically fit. Then one day something happened with my family that made me realize I need to stand up for myself, I need to get myself stronger physically and mentally so that I could handle this on my own, and not let it take over me. That day, I went to a gym, signed up, and that’s really where it all began. The Fit Optimist came to me because fitness really gave me optimism, which is something I’d never really had before that. With everything going on in my family, I was really hard myself, wondering what was wrong with me, with my family, wondering why we couldn’t connect in that way. Once I’d found fitness, I began to feel more confident in myself, more optimistic in every aspect of my life. Fit Optimist is a community of women who find optimism when they start living a healthy lifestyle, when they start eating well and working out for themselves, learning to access their authentic power through their choices.

What’s the proudest moment in your career so far?

Winning first place in my very first figure competition, which just happened last October. It was unreal! I didn’t expect to win or even place somewhere in the top rankings, but they called my name for the first place slot, and I was shaking and smiling and it was the most exciting thing to ever happen to me. I will definitely compete again next October, this time for my pro card.

What is one tip you’d give someone who’s just starting a career in the fitness industry?

The one tip I would give is to be authentically yourself. Don’t try to copy anybody else, because then you’re going to fall and feel like this is not your own. This should be your own! If you’re starting a business, it should be totally, authentically you – so do what you feel is right, don’t try to copy anyone else, and everything else will flow effortlessly.

Who are some of your favorite fitness instructors? Someone you look up to or admire?

I love Shaun T! He did the Insanity and T25 fitness programs – his energy is so authentic, it’s totally who he is. It’s so inviting and energetic, and he’s inspired so many people to embrace fitness and healthy movement as a lifestyle

Do you have a core value or a personal mantra that you rely on to help you everyday?

Just being optimistic everyday has really helped me build my practice, my self esteem , my confidence. So that’s what I try to follow through with every day.

When times get tough as an entrepreneur, how do you keep yourself going?

Honestly, it’s all about having that one person who supports you and encourages you. For me, that one person is my boyfriend, Kyle – he is the most supportive person in my life. When I’m feeling low, he feels that energy and he knows, and when he knows he’s ready to swoop in and lift me up, and that’s just what keeps me going.

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Superr Fitness Professional Nicole Beauregard