We couldn’t think of better place to go for a little fitspiration than the powerful women behind the globally recognized, health and fitness blog, Fit Bottomed Girls. The FBG “pride themselves on their honest reviews, their inclusive and fun-loving attitude, and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is!”

We reached out to Jennipher Walters & Kristen Seymour, fitness enthusiasts and the Co-founders of Fit Bottomed Girls to learn a bit more about their journey to blog stardom and to get some great tips and advice, of course!

What motivated you to start a blog?

Jennipher: “In high school and college I’d had issues with overeating, undereating, overexercising and generally just being obsessed with the number on the scale and yo-yo dieting all the time. Through the help of a registered dietitian, months before I got married, I discovered intuitive eating and truly got healthy inside and out. It changed my life SO MUCH that I knew I wanted to share my experience and let women know that they were more than the number on the scale and that being healthy was really a way to take care of yourself and not punish yourself. That was really the deep motivation for starting the site.”

How did Fit Bottomed Girls come to be?

Jennipher: “In 2008, I was getting a little restless in my job in a cube farm and, at that time, there weren’t many fitness blogs out there, and certainly very little of any health media like magazines was really very into promoting positive body image or telling women that they were good as they were. Erin Whitehead and I were working at the same company and good friends. One day I mentioned that I wanted to start a blog/site to address that, and she was interested in doing it with me. We started planning for the launch, got the name, started writing and the rest is kind of history.”

When did you officially launch FBG?

Kristen: “We launched Fit Bottomed Girls in 2008. Jenn said, there really wasn’t anything quite like it out there on the Internet at that time. Since then, we’ve added three more sites to the Fit Bottomed World: Fit Bottomed Mamas (2010), Fit Bottomed Eats (2013), and Fit Bottomed Zen (2016). Plus we started the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast last fall. We just keep growing!”

How has FBG changed or evolved over the years?

Jennipher: “It’s evolved so much! Besides adding new sites and doing the podcast (a shift in more detailed niche content based on what our readers were wanting), we also added Kristen as a business partner in 2014 and, just this January, Erin left the company to pursue other interests and possibly go back to school. It’s been a bittersweet change, but we’re all good friends. Like we say, once an FBG, always an FBG!”

What’s one thing you learned about starting a blog and being bloggers that you didn’t know going into it?

Kristen: “I think it’s helpful to have an idea of what you want out of your blog from the start. FBG has a clear mission: to show people that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring, that they are worth taking care of, and that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes. This is always at front of mind for us in every decision we make, whether it’s accepting a product to review, working with a brand on sponsored content, interviewing a celebrity, you name it. If the opportunity isn’t an organic fit with our mission, we don’t do it, and that makes it easy to remain authentic. And trust me, if you’re not authentic, your readers will pick up on it.”

What is one of your favorite workout trends (or type of class) right now?

Jennipher: “I LOVE high-intensity interval workouts and ones that combine strength and cardio together and focus on performance. That is my JAM. They’re quick and so effective. I’m honestly in the best shape of my life right now because of them.”

What do you think makes a great fitness instructor?

Kristen: “Two things: They bring loads of positive energy and they’re really well prepared. And I’d have to say good cuing is also super important in certain classes.”

What should someone look for when choosing a personal trainer?

Kristen: “People say the best workout for you is the one you’ll do, and I think that your best personal trainer is the one you’ll listen to and work out with regularly. That means that, aside from finding a trainer who knows her way around the gym and the human body, you also want to find one who will listen to you regarding your specific goals and find the best way to motivate you. The best trainer for a former collegiate athlete who’s used to a coach yelling at them all practice might not be the best trainer for a woman who’s just beginning to learn about strength training. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that are important to you before hiring them, because if you feel too intimidated to assert yourself now, you’re probably not going to feel more confident about doing it from a plank, right?”

What do you do to keep your workouts fun and different?

Kristen: “One of the perks of being a fitness blogger is that we’re always hearing about cool, new workouts and we consider it our professional duty to check them out! But aside from pretty much always saying yes to trying a new class, I also work with a trainer who pushes me to do strength workouts I might not do on my own, and I surround myself with people who enjoy working hard and challenging their limits as much as I do. So, I guess the key is bringing other people in and never saying no!”

Who are some of your favorite fitness professionals?

Our faves are Bob Harper (@TrainerBob) and Dave Smith (@mybwfitness). Both are so inspiring, motivational, funny, authentic and just AMAZING.

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