In a world where everyone is trying to sell you something or get something out of you – here at Superr, we value trust.

Say Hi to Superr’s new quality medals.

You’re looking for a new Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Photographer or Tattoo Artist.

How do you know who to trust?

Obviously, you trust (some of) your friends. But they might not have the answer.

You’ll go to Google or Yelp and hope for the best.

Wait, BOTH of them are paid, and the highest bidder isn’t necessarily the most talented one.

You will ask people that you don’t know on a FB group and you’ll get 62 different recommendations for that Interior Designer you asked for. How are you supposed to choose now?!

It’s a time consuming game. This week you want to get that massage, new headshot or Tattoo – next week it’s going to be something else and you’ll end up compromising on your pros, because who’s got the time to find the best?

Have you met Superr???

We decided to take matters into our own hands and handpicked the best professionals for you based on 22 different parameters. We hunt down and rank the most talented professionals and those who pass our strict screening process- receive their 1st (of 3) medals.

Medals. Yes.


1st Medal: Nominee

This one is given to those talented professionals who managed to pass our initial, yet harsh, screening process.

2nd Medal: Endorsed

Is given to those talented professionals who got endorsed by multiple clients and thought leaders.

3rd Medal: Star

The 3rd medal, and the most exclusive one of them all, is given only to the talented professionals who got endorsed for 6 months straight, proving that their talent is stable and highly accounted for by many who are willing to put their names on it.

To maintain top quality, Superr Medals are given every year and expire when the year ends.

The top ranked of each month will enter the TOP100 list on   

Wanna join?

As a talented professional, you are invited to send us a note and tell us a bit about yourself. We promise to give your talent the attention it deserves. As soon as you pass the 22 criteria screening process, you’ll receive your first medal.

As a nominator of talented professionals, you can help us bring visibility to the best professionals that you know. Got someone in mind that MUST be on Superr? Tell us who it is and why. Don’t forget to add some links so we know exactly who you’re talking about.

Make your nominations here: