The day is January 15, 2001 and you live in a world where you don’t know Wikipedia, because today is the day Wikipedia launched for the first time.

Like most people on this planet, you don’t know about Wikipedia, and even if you did- it wouldn’t matter because there’s nothing to find there (yet).

It is the first time you discovered “the idea that no central organization should control editing”, and that the wisdom of the crowds is stronger and better than the wisdom of a single editor.

On that day you had no clue that your world of knowledge will soon enough never be the same. You had no idea that a few, very unique individuals, are working on writing the first articles for the collaborative encyclopedia. Little did you know that this site will later on be your go-to-site whenever you wanted to learn about anything in this world.

Until that day, you probably thought there’s only one way to collect knowledge. That way had one or two or ten editors, and you never doubted that these editors might sometimes be wrong or that someone outside the “editors circle” knows better.

Think about it: Someone out there knows better and you will never know what they know.

Until that day. Until Wikipedia launched.

On wikipedia day one, the only thing you could do is write an article (or edit an existing one).

If you knew about it, would you have taken the time, do the research and bring yourself to write an article in it?

Does knowing how amazing it is to be part of the world’s largest editors community, making you wish you were there on day one?

Superr Day One

Today, you have a chance to become a Superr early contributor, and impact the future. This time, you won’t even have to go through a long writing and editing process to do it.

Call it your lucky day.

On Superr day one, the only thing you should (and can) do, is to contribute to the trusted knowledge pool of talented professionals by recommending the best supertalents you know.

The wisdom of the crowd can lead the way once again. This time, in uncovering the top service professionals that you need to know.

It is as simple as adding the 5 professionals you always recommend anyway, and inviting the people you trust to add their great recommendations as well. Little by little, the wisdom of the crowd will work it’s magic in creating a unique and trustworthy knowledge base for all.

Just as Wikipedia set the bar to collecting and editing the world’s knowledge, Superr is here to gather and celebrate the world’s top independent professionals.

Help change the future = Add your Top 5 now.


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