The concept of Superr has been in the works for 17 months now.

During those 17 months, we created about 4 different product versions to start testing the concept and with each one we learned something that made us move forward to the next one.

Still, this version of Superr is, in many ways, the 1st version of Superr; All other experiments are either not available, or did not even meet the light of day (aka: met users).

Iterating + keep trying to build the most relevant product for the need we identified, is an inevitable part of the process. Very early on, we had to learn quickly and embrace the fact that we have very little answers and many relevant theories of great execution. So we built stuff.

Today, we release a version of Superr we actually are beginning to be proud of.

There are still bugs, missing features and things to fix. We are aware of the notion that “If you release a product you are proud of- you released it 6 months too late” and thus, the concept of “proud of it” also changed with time. It’s an interesting challenge, for a team of overachieving perfectionists, to let go and show the world something that isn’t ready. Yet we figured, if it’s going to take years until it’s “ready”, we might as well start learning from outside feedbacks now.

So- Where are we at? What’s the plan?

Already part of the Superr product:

  • Add your pro – This is the most basic feature to ever be released on Superr. The reason: To highlight independent professionals by happy clients, we need to provide happy clients the ability to highlight their top professionals.
  • Group List – The first list we built was a collaborative list, where clients with a specific mutual interest or specific community can share their top professionals with other members who need the same type of professionals. Here, we wrote about this one already. + Here, you can view the available group lists.
  • Embed List – The ability to embed a list from Superr to any website/mobile-site is another important feature we released before, so every collaborative list can be shared and displayed on any publisher/website/blog out there. We’re all about making professionals approachable, no matter the URL!

What’s new on this version of Superr? blog pic

  • My List – Each new client on Superr now has a unique space to showoff the professionals they’re most happy to work with, give them a shoutout and share their talent with others. My List, which is part of the profile page, displays the professionals the profile owner recommended as well as those the profile owner “liked” on other lists. The list is shareable and the profile can be edited with more information so any person who views the list can get  a better context on the recommender. Here’s an example.
  • Professional Profile – We significantly upgraded the professional profile on Superr, to one that really celebrates talented people. Professionals can add information about their experience and connect links to their portfolio, website or social media pages. Recommendations by clients and clients who like this pro are also available on this page, as well as the groups this professional was recommended on.
  • Trust Points – The trust points are the basics of all interactions on Superr. If the platform and the people on it aren’t trustworthy, Superr will have a hard time to succeed in its efforts of being the most trusted place to find great professionals. Trust points are given to those who use Superr as a tool to highlight and promote talent and professionalism. Those same Trust Points are taken away from those who exploit the platform (e.x.  recommending professionals who are behaving in an unprofessional manner). The first 30 trust points will be given by us to any happy client who recommend 5 professionals on their list, all other points are given by fellow members of Superr.

What’s coming Next:

  • Add Your Pro + Group List Upgrades – As part of our rebranding we are working on improving and simplifying two of our most important features. Thanks to your feedback we are hoping to provide a better and easier way to enjoy Superr. An update for both will be available any day now.
  • Follow – The ability to follow specific people and lists.
  • Notifications – Receive updates about other lists and friends who join with their professionals.
  • Search – The ability to search for any type of professional, from any location, and filter results based on mutual friends, most trusted recommenders around and more.

Where is this headed in the long run?

There are so many ways to highlight and celebrate top independent professionals around us. We plan on making the process of finding the perfect professional as easy and as inclusive as possible for both a user/client and a professional. Part of our long run vision includes scheduling and payment solutions and launching the official app.

In the not so far future, when you enter Superr, you’ll be able to find the talented professional you need, book them directly (without the need to email / call them) and pay for your service – all in one, trustworthy, place.

Got any features you can’t wait to see on Superr? Tell us.

We see talented people,

Team Superr