This story tells the business journey of a young, ultra professional Real Estate Broker, who has been part of the Real Estate industry for over 7 years now. A year and a half ago he decided to change things a bit and became partner with his long time friend who was also featured here a few weeks ago.
He also happens to be a great soccer player and skier, and soon enough will be happily married to a lovely Private Chef he met 8 years ago.
Meet Byron Anderson of Anderson-Kessler partnership.


Why did you decide to start your own business?
“Both of my parents are independent contractors; my mother a real estate broker and my father (now retired) a professional equestrian and horse trainer. While it often requires more work and longer hours, they never had to report to a “boss” and I loved that professional and personal autonomy.”
What was the first advice you got?
“The first advice I ever received was from my grandfather and it was an analogy relating to all aspects of life by using horses, “You must first learn to crawl before you can walk, trot or canter.” What he meant was that no success is overnight. To be successful you can’t skip the necessary steps in learning all there is to know. I would suggest this as a stepping stone for anyone in any field. Be patient, learn, grow.”
How did you start? What were the specific actions on your “to do” list?
“I really started in the industry as a child. My mother is a real estate broker and I helped her from an early age staging homes, hosting open houses, helping with her marketing and, most importantly, I paid very close attention and studied her negotiating skills and professional mannerisms and found it thrilling. It was a very natural progression.”


How do you meet new clients?
“Primarily through referrals from other clients and colleagues in the field.”
What is the most important thing to you when it comes to your business or your clients? 
“Honesty and integrity. Having open and transparent interactions with my clients is my most important daily task. Without these you have nothing as an independent contractor and once you lose them you can never earn them back.”
How do you balance work and personal life?
“By shutting down my phone and closing my laptop. You have to learn to disconnect every once in a while otherwise your career will be entirely too consuming. It’s also a great idea to build a team to delegate tasks. You’ll find that this frees up more time to have a personal life and also will help build your business.”

 Superr STYLE

As we ask all our featured professionals, Byron recommended his top independent professionals and service providers:

Willey Steigman, Private Chef

Mark Gregg, Home Renovation

Joel Caldwell, Photographer

Emily Hottensen, Interior & Home Design

Matt Finucane, Dog Walker

Amanda Schoppe, Personal Trainer

Kate Berger, Packing & Organising


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Byron Anderson

Told ya Byron is a great Skier 😉