When deciding on the best person to help in finding a new home, his clients see him as a friend. His experience, knowledge and deep market understanding make him a true professional, and the added bonus of him being also a great guy makes working together both simple + fun.

Meet Dan Kessler, the NYC based Real Estate Broker, who became a broker 12 years ago.

On his business profile page the COMPASS team wrote: “Dan relies on his distinctive skill set, unparalleled determination and drive, and cheerful disposition, to ensure diligent, reliable and uniquely tailored services to his clientele. He has been featured in AVENUE Magazine as a future star of New York City real estate and is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York.”

We’re super excited to share Dan’s story on our blog today after hearing great things about him from his clients.


Why did you decide to start your own business?
“I like to work with people, not for them.”
What was the first advice you got? What would be the first advice you’ll give someone who starts now?
“The first piece of advice I got was that you should never leave work for the night without returning every phone call that you received. I think this is a good practice to stay connected to the people around you, and stay in front of problems before they arise. Clear communication is the most important aspect in my business. I would tell someone starting now the same thing.”
If you started all over again, what would you do differently this time?
“I’ve always been a long-term planner, but if I were to travel back in time to start over, I would take this approach even further. I would reinvest constantly into the business, in order to create a brand that represents who I am. Earlier in my career, I would often subtly change my business to suit what I thought the client would be happy with rather than what I knew to be important. This approach was short-sighted and backwards. By being a professional, it is exactly YOUR expertise that clients rely on.”
I would reinvest constantly into the business,
in order to create a brand that represents who I am.


Do you ever feel alone in your journey as an independent professional? How do you cope with this feeling?
“Never. Being an independent professional means your success is irreparably tied to the people around you. When you work for a big company, you can fade into the background, and often times work successfully with limited interactions with the outside world. As an independent professional, you must equate loneliness with failure. It’s a sign that you aren’t “putting yourself out there.””
How do you balance work and personal life?
“I balance my work and professional life by integrating them. I (mostly) choose to work only with people I enjoy being around so it is only natural that I will want to work hard and in their best interest. Honesty, integrity, persistence, and willingness to go beyond expectations, are the key ingredients for any successful relationship. Most of my business is from referrals from friends, and most of my clients become friends.”

Superr STYLE

As you may have noticed, on each featured interview, we ask the pro to Pay-it-Forward and recommend their best.
Here are Dan’s recommendations:
1. Aaron Taishoff, Real Estate Attorney from Baritz & Colman LLP www.baritzcolman.com

2. Sean and James McPartland, Mortgage Brokers from Citizens Bank – Office: 212-699-2925

3. Jack Cates/ Eliza Cheung/ Fitzgerald Figueroa, Dedicated Client Service Team Direct: 1-212-699-2925 Email: McPartlandTeam@citizensbank.com

4. Richard Charles Cavaluzzo, Jr., Private Mortgage Broker from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, www.richardcav.com

5. Ofir Ohana, Contractor info@ohanarenovations.com

6. Gilad Gotfried, Contractor gilad@westvillagecontracting.com


Looking for a great broker in NYC? We recommend Dan.
He’s too cool for social media, and when you think about it- it makes things so much easier.