This week’s featured professional is Liron Erel, the independent Destination Wedding Photographer behind Echoes & Wildhearts

Liron started his photography + filmmaking business 9 years ago and we were lucky to see his talent grows from the moment he started photography school up until now, when he recently became one of the teachers on that very school after establishing his brand as a leading photographer specialising in portraits, weddings, travel & lifestyle.


L&A Wedding in Vasteras Sweden by Liron Erel


5 years ago, Liron’s personal goal was to build a destination wedding photography business and to see the world while capturing moments of love. It was a very clear goal, and today, although he is based in Israel, half of his work every year take place worldwide. In 2015 alone, his destination portfolio included weddings in England, Scotland, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden and Slovenia.

L&A Wedding in Vasteras Sweden by Liron Erel

L&A Wedding in Vasteras Sweden by Liron Erel


How did you start? What were your actions in building your business?
“Just aspired to be best I could be.
To get more clients, I initially asked friends to spread the word around. That was before Facebook had marketing tools and today is a combination of word of mouth, satisfied clients and my work being featured on various blogs around the world.”
What would be the first advice you’ll give a photographer who starts today?
“If you have some money laying around, don’t spend it on equipment. Spend it on branding.”
L&A Wedding in Vasteras Sweden by Liron Erel

L&A Wedding in Vasteras Sweden by Liron Erel


What is the most important thing to you when it comes to your business or your clients? Did it change over time?
“I try and stay true to myself within my business. That means being pretty picky about the clients I work with, as good energies and good vibes are key to creating a one of kind piece which, is what I aim to create in every single project that I shoot.”
Name 3 main challenges you encounter on a weekly basis and how do you choose to overcome them.

“1. Getting inquires from the wrong clients – those who just heard I’m a good photographer but never really had a deep look into my work. I’m unable to control that but what I can do, and do every day – is make sure that my online presence, i.e website, FB and IG represent exactly the kind of work I’m interested in doing and the kind of clients I wish to work with.

2. Balancing between office work (emails, culling and editing, meetings and cat videos) and the actual shooting work- Solved by being as efficient as I can be, always looking for new tools to speed up the process in order to minimize all the non-shooting work and make enough time for the good fun stuff.

3. WORKING TOO MUCH- It’s hard to say no to work but sometimes you just have to, otherwise you’ll forget why you love what you do. It’s a constant struggle and I am always looking for that sweet spot.”

Visual Memories by Liron Erel

Visual Memories by Liron Erel


What good sources do you use to learn more about best practices in your field of expertise?
“I draw inspiration from beautiful places I visit around the world and interesting people I meet along the way. I then translate it into anything that I do.”
How do you balance work and personal life?
“I try to extend every business trip and squeeze a little vacation from it.”
If you started all over again, what would you do differently this time?
“I’d learn to be a businessman before being an artist.”
Flowers Are Manly - Liron Erel Echoes & Wildhearts

Flowers Are Manly – Liron Erel Echoes & Wildhearts

Superr Style

Liron recommended 5 Photographers from around the world, with great talent:
Liron also recommended 3 professionals from other fields of expertise:
Liat Maman, Makeup Artist
Haim Shushan, Designer and Founder of Shusine Studio – Craft & Design

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How do you cope with the feeling of being alone in the journey?
“Emotional eating.”
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Visual Memories by Liron Erel

Visual Memories by Liron Erel