Building a Human based Marketplace many times brings UBER into the conversation. “Everything today becomes Uberized, and what you’re building will uberize the lives of independent professionals and clients as Uber changed the world of drivers and riders.”. Is it true? We decided to explore the uberized world and what it actually means to us.


“The more things change, the more they stay the same”

thanks to technology It feels like things change rapidly today: we couldn’t sublet a stranger’s apt before, couldn’t get a taxi with the click of a button or connect with multiple groups of friends in one live message from across the sea.

Yet there are no flying cars, religions are still around and politicians are still…human. So Things are pretty much the same, really.

The perspective with which we choose to see the world is the core, and these days- everyone’s talking about the shift towards an Uberized world where the playground is leveled. All you need is a car and a driver’s licence.


Expertise and things that can’t be replaced

Let’s talk about the future.

Assuming humans will no longer drive cars brings up the question: what would all these Uber drivers do? We believe that here lies the answer to how Uber has nothing to do with our business.

Cars can be replaced by smarter cars. There is no real strong connection between the driver to the car, between the rider to the driver or between the rider to the app.

The one thing we believe will be the hardest to change is the human aspect.

Humans who acquire talent and growing it on the one hand, and human to human offline interaction on the other. Essentially, the core part of our business is real human interaction. Why we choose to go back to our favorite hairdresser? Why do we recommend the best photographer we know to someone? Why would someone take us up on our recommendation?

There is no substitute to offline interaction and the world is actually moving towards  more authentic experiences, exploring the gap between what’s real and what isn’t and dismissing anything fake.

Real talent, the type it takes years to grow, can not be replaced. The machine can learn, but the machine can’t get attached to what humans are built for: warmth, passion, creativity, good surprises.


Are we Uberizing the best professional service providers around us?

If the professional is only a technicality to you as the driver is, the pro is taking clients from point A to point B (it may be from not having a tattoo to getting ink done, or from being makeupless to being all glammed up) and Superr is the platform where the client can discover the best driver (professional) around- then the answer is yes.

However, if you choose to look at the world like we do… meaning talent and people are unique, thus, cannot be compared to others so quickly- then the answer is no.

The professionals are not drivers, the professionals are supertalents. These are individuals who found their passion and grew their talent by working hard, listening and perfecting their craft every day.

The clients see that devoted professionalism and instead of just “using” the professionals when they need to, they are actually the ones to support their talent and the ones who vouch for it.


Crowdsource vs. Uberized

Your role as the knowledge provider is key for the success of all of us and those around you.

Uber isn’t crowdsourcing supply and demand; They bring both the supply and demand themselves, but what if the best driver around isn’t on Uber?

Superr is crowdsourcing supply and demand. It is the stage on which a magical offline interaction is getting the full online support it needs, via the wisdom of the crowds. The best professional you know is the one your friend needs to know and vice versa.  

Nothing replaces true talent, real human interaction and social accountability, and uberization has very little, if any to do with these 3 key traits.


This post was written by Dannie Hetz & Ilil Ben Shalom from Superr ( and was inspired by our friend, Léa Peersman Pujol.