Becoming your own business takes guts and courage. You need to make a plan to support your dream and find a way to market your business to a wider audience. Do you have time to become a marketing expert? No. We know that your focus points are reaching your clients and maintaining the higher quality of services. Marketing naturally is too time consuming to keep up with on a daily basis with all other tasks of running a business. Instagram is a great way to show the world how passionate you are about what you do in 1-5 minutes a day. It is no longer just a platform to put cute pictures of your cat. It is now a tactic used in the business world. Each profile is strategically laid out to attract a certain audience and look a certain way. The page should reflect the same style that you or your company strive…Continue Reading
The rich and famous don’t always wake up flawless. Whether it’s a red carpet event or an editorial piece, everyone needs assistance with their makeup, wardrobe & the real money maker, hair. The magician behind many of these perfectly styled hair-dos is Jennifer Yepez. She started at age 18 in the industry and after the first few fashion shoots she assisted on, she knew immediately she wasn’t just going to work in any salon. She clearly has a gift when looking at some of the people she has worked on including Gigi Hadid, Daria Strokous, Jourdan Dunn & Joan Smalls. These stunning ladies are the best recommenders one could have, just look at their hair! Joan Smalls Follow Joan Smalls: @joansmalls Daria Strokous Follow Daria on Instagram: @dariastrokous Jourdan Dunn Follow Jourdan on Instagram: @officialjdunn Gigi Hadid Lastly, one of my favorites on the list, Gigi Hadid. She has recently made a huge…Continue Reading
Pitch Perfect star, Anna Kendrick, always gives recognition to her super talented team. Already fun and down to earth, Anna’s team helps bring out her glamorous side making her one of the most well liked actress/singers. Meet some of the super hero’s in Anna’s life: Cristina Ehrlich // Stylist Cristina is a great stylists because she focuses on the person under the clothing. Her gift is putting together outfits so subtle and timeless yet help Anna and her other clients shine through. Cristina can take fresh faces on the carpet and give them the confidence of a habituated star. Follow Cristina for some amazing looks: @cristinaehrlich Vanessa Scali // Makeup Artist Vanessa knows exactly how soft or extreme to go when it comes to putting makeup on. She is great at defining specific features whether it is Emilia Clark from Game of Thrones, or Anna Kendrick. Follow Vanessa: @vscali Sara Glick // Makeup…Continue Reading
Male celebrities don’t always give recognition to the people behind their roll-out-of-bed look or incredible talents. We are here to highlight a few of the special professionals who help some of the most well known male celebrities. Maxime Buchi // Tattoo Artist & Creative Director  Maxime Buchi is a tattoo artist, creative director, and editorial director. He is the author of a book called Sang Bleu, which is also the name of his tattoo shop in London. Some clients include Rick Owens, Balenciaga, and Damir Doma. His most recent celebrity client, Kanye West. They worked very well together, according to Complex Style, and had collaborated for about a year and a half before creating the tattoo. The tattoo’s were dedicated to his mother and daughter, North. On each wrist he got their birthday’s in lower case roman numerals. Follow Maxime: @Mxmttt   Brittany Barber // Songwriter & Artist Even the most talented artist need…Continue Reading
Watch out for this British blonde bombshell taking Hollywood by storm. Chelsea Leyland is an actress, model but mostly she is one of the best Dj’s around. She has been apart of some of the most prominent luxury fashion shows, such as Burberry, Valentino, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, and the list goes one. Leyland has also opened for Nicki Minaj, Diplo, Santigold and Duran Duran. Not to mention one of her good friends is Cara Delevingne placing her at the top of the list. Leyland has put herself on the map, and thanks to all her recommenders, she isn’t going anywhere. DKNY Modeling for DKNY Follow all these incredible professionals [from left]: @chelsealeyland,@brandeebrown, @caradelevingne, @vashtie Versace Leyland poses with Donatella Versace and Antonio Vaccerello at the Fall Versus Versace winter collection unveiling. Follow Versace and the collections: @versus_versace and @versace_official YSL Leyland before having Dj’d for YSL Follow YSL for more: @yslbeauty and Mary Charteris @marycharteris Fashion Week …Continue Reading