freelance burnout
Guest post by Rae Steinbach, / Published August 30, 2018 Working as a freelancer is unique. It allows you to choose when and how you work, which can be a blessing. As more companies hire remote workers, employee performance management software allows them to keep an eye on progress. However, freelancing can also be challenging in that you run the risk of burning out. This is the point at which you feel like there is just nothing left in the tank to motivate you to keep going with your work. It can be exacerbated by tight deadlines, multiple responsibilities at work and home, or the feast and famine cycle that freelancing can sometimes present. The nature of creative work can occasionally make burnout harder to avoid, but it is possible by keeping a few things in mind and noticing signs you might be headed in that direction.   Spotting Burnout…Continue Reading
By Dannie Hetz / Published August 23 We’ve been quiet for a while, working on the product and refining the UX. As a team, we reach the highest transparency levels, and it’s time we bring that quality out again. Product updates will be shared whenever we have them from now on. We will share the process of it with you, to allow a full view of how things work (or doesn’t work) for us. If you can learn from it, we have the best reason to do it. We will also share cool stuff we find on the way, the awesome pros we meet and the ones who are the SUPERR MEMBERS of our app. If at any point you have questions, please send them our way. We would love to answer your curiosity. 🙂 Ready? Let’s do this.   Product Update It took six months, and we’re happy to…Continue Reading